Summer, finally!! 

So we finally have a summer, and I am loving every second of it! I’ve been lucky enough to be off since Monday and all I’ve done is sit in the garden, BBQ and get Gay Gardens ready for the summer season. Check out my Instagram page for photos of some of the beautiful plants and flowers that are sprouting in Gay Gardens! You can check it out here. 

But of course when the sun shines as Irish people we all dive bomb into the garden/park/beach to catch as many rays as possible, and some of use don’t protect ourselves from the harmful UV Rays. This is vitally important for our skins health and of course to keeping us looking younger!! These kind of temperatures demand a high factor, this is what living on the continent must feel like and I kinda love it!! And just because you wear a high factor does not mean that you won’t get a tan, I officially have a farmers tan. 

There are two different types of SPF, chemical and physical. If you are in any way sensitive physical will possibly suit you best while chemical blocks are  perfect if you have no sensitivity to products. If you suffer from prickly heat in the sun, be sure to check your sunscreen and if it’s chemical you may just be having a reaction to it! This actually blew my mind. For years I thought I had prickly heat and it turns out it was a reaction to SPF! Actually holiday changing!! So since this incredibly revelation, thanks Liz Dwyer, I’ve been on a mission to find one that I love. And that I did! 

Sheer Mineral UV Defence SPF 50 from Skinceuticals is mega! It’s transparent so no looking like Queen Elizabeth I and it has 100% physical filters so is perfect for people with very sensitive skin. The fluid spreads really easily and evenly and dries quickly and it leaves no residue. It’s perfect! It’s also paraben free. It has a RRP of €32.50 for more information check out their site here.

Now, if you’re not sensitive the suncare products from Nuxe are spectacular, it’s smells amazing, like what Hawaii smells like (I imagine have not got there yet!).  The Delicious Lotion for Face & Body is my favourite, it almost feels like a body lotion yet it has a high SPF. It’s €23.95 in pharmacy’s nationwide or you can get it online here.

  Bioderma is brand new to Ireland, it’s a brand that I have been using for years, I’m madly in love with their micellaire water and so is every makeup artist all over the planet! But this SPF is new to me.  It comes in both SPF 30 & 50 and it’s super light in texture almost like a dry mist. But as it looks like an oil it really makes you feel like you’re getting a proper tan, yet you’re doing it in a safe and healthy way. It’s now available nationwide in pharmacy’s and costs €22.00.

  If you’re a lazy sun worshiper and the idea of rubbing lotion into yourself every 30-40 minutes there’s P20, which is a once a day application, perfect really! It’s a chemical block so if like me you have sensitive skin the lazy way won’t work, much to my bitter disappointment as a once a day application would be mega! There are rules that apply when using this, you have to apply it 30 mins before exposing yourself to the sun once you do that you’re good for the day. It is available is lots of strengths, there’s even an SPF 50. This is perfect for kids who you’d think are getting murdered when you try to apply sunscreen to, my niece Jessica is one of those kids! You can get P20 in Boots for €18.99 or online here.

All you have to do now is apply and lie! And if like me you’ll resemble a pig on a spit being roasted! Of course while protecting my skin!  Enjoy our summer!! 


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