New from Rimmel

There’s a brand new foundation coming from Rimmel on September 7th and it’s kinda mega! New Match Perfection is a really light textured foundation giving a beautifully sheer cover and it also has a hydrating complex that promises to hydrate your skin for the whole day! It also comes with a built-in SPF 20, which is great but as it’s not full spectrum you’ll still need to be using a separate SPF. 

Now for the best part: it contains light reflectors and soft focus powders that will minimise the appearance of dark circles and and enlarged pores, all this technology makes it sound like a foundation you’d pay loads for but the best news is that it only costs €10.29. 

  You have to wait until September 7th  but I have some to give away now! All you have to do is comment below, share on Facebook and or retweet. 



  1. As i said before, the budget brands are really giving the high end a run for their money.
    And this would be perfect for my upcoming hols.

      1. Hey, sorry for delay in response… lost my phone!!!
        Ooh i have not got a clue… i am a 4 in GA luminous silk if thats of any assistance???

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