Have y’all heard about Bioderma before?? It’s a French brand that along with Embryolisse, has a cult following here and internationally. Bioderma is a full range of amazing affordable skincare but what gives it CULT status is their incredible Micellar water, it’s the original Micellar water and one of the best. It’s one of those products that whenever I was in French France I purchased as much as I could possibly carry home so you could imagine my joy when I found it in my local Lloyds Pharmacy and the best news is it’s not that much more expensive than it is in France! It was on offer a few weeks ago and I bought a few of them and it worked out cheaper than it normally does in France! It even comes in a sensitive range too. 

Now as handy as a micellar is for taking off makeup you still need to cleanse after you’ve taken off your makeup. 

Prices start at €5.50 and go up to about €17, which is so affordable. Go check them out! 


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