Coming soon from Bobbi Brown

Yesterday I went to a pre-view of Bobbi Brown’s Fall and Holiday collections. And let me tell you they are amazing! 

Above is the brand new pallet that will be on counter in September, it’s the perfect cool toned natural pallet. It has a perfect blend of matte and sheen, with two of the shadows having the finest glitter particles in it, they are milled so fine that they will look good on all ages! 

  Above are three of the brand new Luxe Lips. This collection has 30 lip colours in it and of course some of the best nudes on the market, what else would be expect from the Queen of nudes! There are six shades exclusive to Brown Thomas one of which is called Majesty, the perfect deep reddish nude with the perfect amount of blue and warm undertones. This will suit everyone! 

  Ohhh and above is one of the Christmas pallets with the cutest little lip gloss inside! It’s brilliant!   


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