Neom Organics Tranquility 

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fab candle in the sitting room?? I always have one on the go, generally a flowery scent or something really sweet. I recently got my hands on Neom’s Tranquility candle, which is designed to calm and relax you. And can I tell you not only is the candle so potent that the whole house is smelling like a 5* Spa but I’ve been sleeping way better since I started burning the candle and spraying the Scent to Sleep spray on my pillow which is the same scent. There’s also a bath/shower oil which is divine! Although with last nights super moon no amount of sleep spray was helping! But in general this stuff is magical and if you like me tend to lie awake in bed thinking of what colour Aga you’d have in you imaginary country cottage this will cut all that out and you will have to plan you country house while your up! 

How it works: there’s a unique combination of 19 essential oils which have been blended to help you sleep quicker, better and deeper. There’s a massive 48% of lavender oil, including 4 different varieties. In this new and improved version of Tranquillity there’s 25 times more chamomile and 3 times more patchouli than the original recipe. 

Check out to buy online or to find your closest stockist, happy and restful sleeping! The RRP for a 30ml bottle is €24 but they have mini bottle for you to try out that are only €10, just to be sure that it works it magic on you! 

All of the ingredients are 100% natural, ethically sourced, sustainable origins and are natural and organic. 


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