Kinvara Skin Care 

I’ve been trying out Kinvara skincare for the last month, while trying to juggle life and work and blog and of course something had to fall and it was the blog, sorry for my lack of posts! But I have been busy busy trying out loads of new skincare products, makeup and tools, some of which are rather spectacular. 

This range which is made in Kinvara in the West is just beautiful. I love everything, down to the images on the packaging which are X-rays of some of the ingredients inside the products. Of course they look pretty but it also tells us exactly what the good people in Kinvara are putting into their range. It’s very clever. They only choose the best possible ingredients always natural as organic when possible and they try to keep the ingredients indigenous too, so not only are you giving your skin a real treat you’re keeping it Irish, all products are produced here and bottled here. Bravo Kinvara it’s hard to do as its so much cheaper to produce products abroad. 

You’d think that as they are using all natural/organic ingredients& producing in The West that the range would be expensive well, it’s not! The most expensive product is the serum and it only costs €29.95, yep you read that right €29.95. The serum is my favourite product in the range, it smells amazing and feels lovely. It’s a little oily so I use it at night as I’ve oily skin and I found it a little much during the day but if you’ve got dry skin you’re going to love this! The cleansing oil is great, even gets rid of mascara but do use a hot cloth with it, I didn’t the first few times and found it very oily and kind of wrote it off until I re-read the instructions and the hot cloth made all the difference. Literally changed my mind about the cleanser, so the moral of the story is always read the instructions! The moisturiser is perfect, not too heavy soaks into your skin really quickly and smells divine. 

Basically this is a brand that’s worth checking out. The price point is great and the products are really good. On their site you can even buy a sample kit and it costs only €6.95. You can check it out here, along with the rest of the range. 

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