Personalised Clinique

I’ve managed to avoid Christmas until now, but this is worth telling you about early, I know that for a lot of you it’s not early and Christmas started weeks ago but for me Christmas starts in December. 

On December 11th there will be an engraver working on the Clinique counter in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street from 11am until 7pm. This is a perfect gift for Clinique lovers out there. Who doesn’t love their name on the products! 

If you have not had a smell of the Aromatics in White fragrance yet, run into BT’s and have a smell, it’s so beautiful, they just launched a Aromatics in Black fragrance recently and this is quite possibly the most beautiful fragrance the brand has ever brought to the market. Of course there’s Jasmine in it and that’s why I love it so much, they have a limited amount of candles available in both the fragrances too. 

See you in Brown Thomas on December 11th!!  

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