Christmas gift guide #3

This guide is all about tools! Facial cleansing brushes, makeup brushes, lash curlers and all the things that make your skin & makeup better! 

First up is Clarisonic, these magical facial brushes possibly the best thing to happen to our skin. What they do is clean your skin way deeper than using a cleanser alone. In fact the new Smart model pushes your cleanser up to 11 times deeper than using cleanser alone. The original Clarisonic pushes it about 6 times deeper. The brushes are soft and as they cleanse they exfoliate your skin, getting rid of dead skin makes it easier for the rest of your products to do their job proper. The bad news is that they start at €149 and go up to €249. But I think they are worth every cent! Oh and it’s Christmas!  

Next up is the amazing Callanberry brushes. You can get the full set for €300 but all the brushes are available to purchase individually here. And they are now available in Arnotts on Dublin’s Henry Street. I got a set of these brushes when they came out and they are by far my favourite brushes in my kit. I pretty much only use them now, and I literally have about 400 brushes! The natural hair, which is ethically sourced, is of the highest standard and feels so soft, you’d hardly feel them on your face.  They really are fantastic brushes and best of all they are Irish! 

A good lash curler is worth it weight in gold! What better than looking like you have longer lashes?? They also open up your eyes hugely. I often hear ‘sure my lashes are too short to use them’, well that’s when you really should use them! The shorter your lashes are the bigger difference you’ll notice from using a lash curler. My favourites are either Shu Uemura or Kevyn Aucoin m, the reason being is that the soft part is made of silicone which bends your lashes perfectly without doing any damage at all! It’s a little tricky to get the hang of getting all your lashes into the space at first, I find if you tilt your head backwards you have a much better angle to see your lashes. And the best part is that they are only about €20. Perfect for small gifts and whoever receives them will love you forever! 



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