A guest post from my niece Jessica all about Babylips from Maybelline 

Hello everybody,I’m Jessica Leonard’s niece and I will be reviewing some of the babylips electro collection! I will be rating the lip balm wit h emojis! 🦄

Strike a rose:

This leaves a pinky colour on your lips so it is AMAZING it smells like a rose scented perfume and it is so nice. 😍

Minty sheer:

This leaves not as much colour as strike a rose but it sometimes leaves a bit of a green colour which is really nice too. This smells like mints so it is a bit like the eos sweet mint lip balm. 😎

Fierce n tangy:

This is a lemon scented lip balm. It leaves a really small yellow tint which looks quite cool! I’m not a big fan of lemon scented things so this wouldn’t be one I would use that often. 😑

Pink shock:

This is quite like strike a rose but doesn’t leave as much of a pinky tint. It smells a bit like strawberries or maybe raspberries it’s kinda hard to explain but it smells amazing!! It is super moisturising like the rest so I love it it is definitely one of my favourites! 😘

Berry bomb:

This leaves a really nice purple tint which I love. This one is definitely my favourite. Once again it is hard to explain the smell it is really like mixed berries (like it says in the name!). It is really moisturising and I love it!! 🦄

If you are going to buy any of these I recommend the berry bomb if you want a tinted one if not go for minty sheer or fierce n tangy if you don’t want it tinted!!




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