Charlotte Olympia Limited collection for MAC 

This collection is so beautiful, the packaging, the colours everything really. Inspired by pin-ups, silver screen sirens and old Hollywoof glamour, Charlotte Olympia, luxury British shoe designer is well know for her love of vintage styles so of course this collection screams 1940’s  glamour. It’s incredibly limited edition but is available in Brown Thomas and on when it’s released on March 23rd I really can not wait to try some of the products out. Especially the Lip Mix, of of my favourite MAC products, perfect for those of you shy about using a strong coloured lipstick, with Lip Mix you get the strong colour without the thickness of a lipstick, everyone’s a winner!

As always with MAC this collection is affordable with prices starting at €11.00 and going up to €35.00 for the amazing makeup bag. The average price is about €21.00.

See y’all in BT’s on the 23rd!!



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