Hydra Zen



I am mad about Hydra Zen from Lancome, it’s been in my kit since it came on the market 15 years ago, perfect for most skins and it really is super hydrating. Lancome are adding to the range with two new products that really excite me!

The first is Hydra Zen Overnight Serum-in-Mask (RRP €55.00) gives your skin a burst of radiance. It promises to reduce the visible signs of stress and tiredness that have accumulated on the skin. It intensely nourishes the skin. Its texture combines the freshness and power of a serum with all the fullness delivered by the comfort of a mask. There is even a special way to apply the serum-in-mask, be sure to follow the directions. Signs of tiredness appear reduced the skin looks visibly more beautiful and revitalised.

Hydra zen essence de beauté (BD).png

The second product coming out is Hydra Zen Beauty Essence (RRP €39.00), this product has been inspired by Asian cosmetics, and we all know that Asia is the place to look to for skincare tips and advice, it’s like a tall glass of water but just for your skin, it’s a gel texture when you put it into your hands but soon turns to water like consistency with the warmth of your hands and your skin just soaks it all up, leaving your skin ready and waiting for the rest of your skincare products, and the best thing is  that it will not feel heavy on your skin and will actually help the rest of your skincare do their job, genius Lancome masters!!


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