I’ve found the perfect nude lip

It’s finally happened, Kevyn Aucoin used to make the perfect nude lip, of course they discontinued it and it broke my heart just a little. They did bring out a few other shades that are similar but nothing quite as perfect as the one that they got rid of. Finally a brand has made all my nude lip dreams come through, thank you Clinique! As part of their spring collection they have brought out there are a few lips worth discussing here. But my favourite is by far Pop Lacquer Lip Colour in Wink Pop. Now not only is the colour perfect the texture is amazing too, it is lip colour and primer all in one, meaning that your lipstick will last for up to 6 hours and magically it does not dry out your lips like every other long lasting lippy that I have tried. There’s a fantastic bright pink available too called Go-Go Pop, it’s mega!


If lip lacquers put the fear of god into you they have lipsticks available that have the same magical primer inside that make they long lasting yet moisturising and there;s a wonderful nude in this collection too called Nude Pop. clq_ZEK201_402x464.png

These are available at all Clinique outlets nationwide. The RRP is €19.50.

I think people hear nude lip and instantly think that it’s boring, but it really does not have to be


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