Emma Hardie New Vit+C Cream and Vit C Intense Daily Serum

In 2009, Emma Hardie launched her award winning skincare range. I love it and I really love her. I had a facial with her in London last year and it was the best facial I have ever had. The success of the brand is all down to Emma’s pure dedication to making the best skincare brand with the best ingredients.

EH Moisture Boost Vit+C 50ml Lid Off 2.jpg

In May there’s a brand new product coming to the market from the brand called Vit=C Cream and a serum called Vit C Intense Daily Serum. Now obviously the lead ingredient is vitamin C and we all know how great Vit C is for our skin,it helps to suppress the production of melanin, reduces the appearance of pigmentation, dark spots and promotes collagen production for a firmer, smoother skin and reduces skin redness. But the most exciting ingredient is Vitamin B3, this helps skin brightening peptide and helps to minimise the appearance of uneven skin tones and skin discoloration while helping to promote a uniform complexion, reduces the pores and boosts moisture levels. B3 is going to be huge in skincare, and I am so delighted that Emma is leading the way. I did get a sneak peek at the products and they are all kinds of amazing, and they will become firm favourites in my kit along with Emma’s Brilliance Facial Oil, there’s very few faces that don’t get a touch of this that sit in my chair before doing their makeup.

EH Vit C group.jpg

You can get Emma Hardie in Arnotts, Space NK and in the M&S Beauty Hall (I told you they have some great stuff there!!) I do not have the euro pricelist but they will set you back  £65 and £69


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