There is something going on in the Garner Labs, something kind of special. In the past year they have brought us some of the best new products to the market. The much loved Micellar water that was an instant hit, and incredibly affordable and recently their range of  Ultimate Blends has blow me away.


The Olive Oil range for dry skin really feels like a product that has a price tag multiple times of the actual price, My Glenn quickly took ownership of the body lotion. What I love about it the lightness of the cream and it literally soaks into your skin in a couple of minutes, so no jeans sticking to your lotion for the day (a pet hate of mine). The smell is fab too with a mix of floral and vanilla scents. And the best thing about it the price, it’s only costs you €6.29, which is rather spectacular value for a good body lotion.


I am also mad about the Honey Treasures range, the smell is divine. And it makes my hair feel lovely, please note that I do not have any colour in my hair or any chemical processing. But my sister Gemma loved the smell too and she bought it and she loves it too and she does have colour in her hair. But it’s not all about the smell, it’s designed to make your hair six times stronger with up to 84% less breakage. To get these results you have to use the whole range, shampoo, conditioner and the Strength Restorer 1 Minute Treatment, which is no hassle really, just wash your hair first in the shower, condition and then apply the treatment and leave in while you wash your body. Your hair and nose will thank you!

The most recent addition to the collection is Delicate Oat, the blend is enriched with oat milk and rice cream both of which help sooth your scalp so this is perfect for anyone that have issues with dry scalp or irritation. Garnier tested the product on 84 people with sensitive scalp and the results are fantastic. 95% agree the product feels gentle on their scalp, 97% agree it provides a soothing sensation to the scalp and 95% agree it soothes the sensations of scalp itching. I have used it and found that again it smells divine but yet again I do not have a sensitive scalp so it was kind of wasted on me. I will pass it on to someone that does have a sensitive scalp and get back to you. Again the price is fantastic €6.29 for both the shampoo and the conditioner. Oh and I almost forgot, one of the best things about the shampoo and conditioner is the packaging, the shampoo has the opening at the top of the bottle and the conditioner has the opening at the bottom, so no more confusing them for each other in the shower!! Genius Garnier GENIUS!!




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