Studio Pro

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So L’Oreal have launched Studio Pro, a brand new range for styling your hair. Coming from the company that gave us the worlds best hairspray (Elnett) I had very high hopes for this range. And I am not disappointed at all. Not sure if it will replace Elnett in my kit, as I have been using it for the past 200 years and the smell reminds me of my Nanny every time I use it. But this range is really kind of amazing, I love the packaging it’s bright and looks really fresh, but packaging is not everything, what’s inside is the most important.

I have tried the hairsprays which are fab, there’s 3 strengths in the range, Strong, Extra Strong and Ultra Strong. The spray is a little bit wetter than Elnett, so it does not brush out as easy but other than that it’s brilliant. The smell is fab and it is way better than most other hairsprays that are available on the market, never mind in this price bracket. So it’s really a win win situation here, they are brilliant and the Ultra Strong on will literally keep your style in for 2 days (it’s a bit hard for my liking, I much prefer the Strong Hold).

There are thee other products in the range. I LOVE Sleek It, it’s a smoothing cream that you can dry into your hair, giving you slick hair. I have also tried it to style hair without drying it in and it was lovely and not too sticky. There’s two products for adding volume to your hair called boost it (I have not tried this as yet) which promises to plump up your hair to extreme levels. There’s Volume Plumping Spray and Mighty Mousse, I am looking forward to trying them out. The final product in the collection is Curve It, a mousse which helps you achieve fabulous curls and keeps them in. I love a good mousse, have done for years, but in the past mousse was sticky and made your hair hard but now they just add volume and a bit of tackiness is left in the hair. Now be warned follow the instructions, use the recommended amount of product if you use too much you will be sorry and will have to wash your hair again.

If all that is to enough to make you want to run to the local chemist to but the whole range they have launched an app that you can ‘try on’ some of the styles that they have photographed and see if you want to try doing the style, which there are instructions to help you achieve the desired look, genius really! Just search for Studio Pro in the app store.

The best part about the range is that everything in the range is €6.99, yep you read that right only €6.99, mega value.


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