Ibuki Skincare

Asian skincare is generally miles ahead, and one of the Asia’s biggest companies, Shiseido, have just launched some new products to their Ibuki range that is specifically targeted at people in their mid 20’s to early 30’s, devastated that I’m not in the age group, but didn’t stop me from trying them!


One of the products in the range is magical, and I most certainly would have used buckets of it in my 20’s, it’s a gel mask that basically makes your skin look like you’ve had a full nights sleep. Imagine that when I was in my 20’s and my average nightly sleep was boy 2 hours, far too much partying to be done, this mask would have gotten me out of so much trouble! And I would have no no problem applying it mid-party to keep me looking human for work the next day. The incredibly light textured gel has vitamin capsules that when you apply them to your skin they melt. These capsules keep the vitamins inside at their strongest possible concentration so you’re getting the good stuff right onto your face! As it’s a gel it is non-greasy and really soaks into your skin while you sleep (or party). There’s also Phytoplankton Extract in the mask, which helps revitalise the skin leaving it looking plump and well rested.


The other new product in the range is the Ibuki Quick Fix Mist, which is a setting mist that you can use throughout the day if your skin is getting a bit tired and shiny. What I really love about this is that although it takes away shine, very important but it also manages to hydrate your skin in the process. This is genius and one of the biggest challenges of being a makeup-artist is having your clients skin looking non-shiny yet hydrated and healthy at the same time. Although this is aimed at 20/30’s I think is perfect for everyone. Even guys if they get very oily, perfect for the groom at wedding or anyone doing something where there will be lots of lights and cameras. I will be using this all the time in my kit. You just spray your face 4-5 times with the mist and they gently pat it in with your fingers, if you have makeup on be sure that you’re really gentle with your fingers.

Both products are available nationwide in good pharmacies and in Arnotts, Harvey Nichols, Brown Thomas Cork, Debenhams and Shaws Department stores. The mask is €45 and the Mist is €28.


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