Soleil De La Mer

As always La Mer have outdone themselves, it really is one of my favourite brands. As a side note I recently got a new tattoo and I used my La Mer body lotion on it after I finished using the antiseptic cream and it healed in record time with no itchiness (anyone who has a tattoo will know the hell that’s a new tattoo that all you want to do is scratch and know that you really can’t). Anyway back to what’s new. There’s a new bronzer landing on counter this May, it’s beautiful! Perfect for Irish skin tones as it has a mix of colours, one is a beautifully warm peach tone that will help kill any redness in your skin tone. What I really adore about it is the colour of the bronze tones, they are not too dark so you will look like you actually may have caught a few rays and not tried to change your race in the mirror that morning by using a bronzer that is at least 87 shades too dark. It has a slight sheen to it, but it’s not disco, you will look like you’re a statue of bronze loveliness. It may be my new favourite bronzer in my kit.

Creme de la Mer BRONZER

Launching alongside the bronzer is quite possibly the softest brush I have ever touched. A huge brush that you will be in danger of having in your hands at all times petting it! And the good news is that it is synthetic, this astounded me when I found out as I have never felt a synthetic brush that felt like this one.

Both products are launching in May and will be available at all La Mer counters nationwide. The bronzer will set you back €70 and the Brush will cost €60, a bargain for a brush this quality!!



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