Eye WOW from Kinvara

It’s possibly unfair of me but whenever I get a product from an Irish brand I tend to test it a lot before I put up a review. I think it’s because I really want it to be brilliant, I want to fly the Irish flag with pride so everyone knows that yes we are deadly at everything! Not just singing, writing and drinking.


Kinvara which comes from the west of ireland and all of the ingredients come from the ground is an Irish brand that we should be incredibly proud of. It’s a small range of great skincare, a wonderful cleansing oil, fab serum and a really good moisturiser. Now in the range is Eye WOW. I wrote about the brand here.


Eye WOW is an under-eye serum that comes in a glass bottle with a metal roller applicator which is instantly cooling under your eyes helping to eliminate puffy eyes from the cooling factor alone never mind the what the serum is going to do. The serum gets its power from 100% natural ingredients, 4 omega rich plants, 7 active and 9 antioxidant rich ingredients, as it’s a serum it absorbs into the skin really quickly so no need to be rubbing the sensitive skin around your eyes. My favourite ingredient in the list is Hyaluronic Acid which can hold up to 600 times it size in moisture so this alone makes the skin look better. It is perfect for people with oily skin, like me, as some eye creams are far too heavy and end up creating more issues than solving.


I also love that the release came with a nut allergy warning, so many products have nut traces in them (they are really healthy for your skin), but this is the first time I was told that there are traces in a product.

You can order on-line here in Ireland or if you’re in the UK click here or if like me you rather shop in shops it is available in leading health food stores, select Avoca outlets and good pharmacies nationwide. It only costs €29.95.


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