Trilogy Starter Packs

You know when you read about a product range that you have not tried yet and all you want to do is run out and buy it all immediately and all too often you get home and when you try it it just does not do what you want. Like actually make you look 16 again, or even 30. I love the you can buy products in trial sizes. Samples are just not big enough, using a product twice does not let you know if you love it or not. Don’t get me wrong I love a sample, like really love a sample, I save them up for when I am travelling if I only have hand luggage. Even when I am travelling for work my kit generally is full of work products not enough products for me so samples it is!


Trilogy is one of my favourite natural brands, natural brands I find sometimes focus more on the ingredients and less on the results that they bring. Surely when we spend our well earned cash it’s not enough to know that where the ingredients come from but to want to get results too??? Trilogy is a brand that although natural is heavily science based, expect to get results with this brand, it’s not just about the smells, although they do smell rather nice too! Their Rosehip Oil is a cult product all over the world and amazing for all skin types, if you have oily skin skip it during the daytime and use at night.


They have just brought out Discover Trilogy range of trial sized products. There are two containing the cult Rosehip Oil, one for normal/dry skin and one for normal/oily skin. They come with a cleanser, rosehip oil and a moisturiser, all you need apart from an SPF. My favourite in the Discover Trilogy packs is the Age-proof one which although natural has Glycablend a natural form of my favourite Glycol acid, EVERYONE needs glycol in their life. It has Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream and to repair CoQ10 Booster Oil and then their  Line Smoothing Day Cream to moisturise.

The packs are available on the Trilogy site here or you can buy them in good health food stores nationwide.


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