My favourite foundation

I am fickle when it comes to my favourite makeup products. Today my favourite eye pencils may be from Tom Ford, tomorrow they may be from Bobbi Brown. But for a while now I have been in love with Estee Lauders Double Wear Makeup To Go. It is the perfect texture foundation, light but covers what needs to be covered or you can build it up to full coverage if needed. As it is in the Double Wear family it has technology in it that makes it last for the whole day. What is really great is that it comes in a compact that you push this little nifty button and the perfect amount of foundation id dispensed, it comes with a sponge but I rather use my fingers to apply it or if you rather a brush you can use one too.


It is available at all Estee Lauder counters nationwide or on will cost you €42.00.

M.A.C. Face & Body Foundation

Another favourite foundation is MAC’s Face and Body, a really light water based foundation that you can build up to medium coverage if needed. It is water resistant and one you let it dry it is also ‘rub off’ resistant so you clothes are safe! It has been a favourite of mine since I started doing makeup back in the 1800’s. There are two sizes available, ALWAYS get the bigger bottle, it’s only a few euro more expensive but has double the amount of product inside! I think you can only get it in Brown Thomas on Grafton street as it is considered a Pro-Product. The C tones are best for Irish skin as they are yellow based and will colour correct any redness that you have.


The final one on the list is from Armani, Maestro Fusion Compact. This is just a perfect foundation, I use this one loads. It can be blended to be really sheer or you can really build it up to be almost full cover. The girls in BT’s keep telling me it is discontinued their PR says no it’s not but you can order it form their site here. Again I rather use my singers to blend but you can use a sponge. Do not use a brush for this foundation as you will just end up with brush marks on your face!




  1. Hi Love, can you tell me what shade in the Mac Face and Body would be good for cool yet tanned skin. Would a mid C tone be about right? I dont know the numbering system.Love your posts by the way. Might try a couple of your baking recipes! Xxx

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