Azzaro Wanted

2016 WANTED 50MLThere’s a new fragrance from Azzaro and it’s fab. Loris Azzaro founded the Azzaro brand in 1967 based on a collection of bright, spectacular, fluid and shimmering dresses… It was something brand new, and the polar opposite of the little black dress that was fashionable at the time. He achieved immediate recognition. In 1968, Loris Azzaro opened his own couture house and soon after produced his first fragrance.

Azzaro believes that all fragrance should have the following characteristics Freedom, Flamboyance, Seduction, Generosity, Sunshine and Hedonism which all sound rather nice for a wet Monday afternoon!!

Wanted is a woody, citrus and spicey Eau de Toilette with a fresh twist. Three of the main ingredients are from sustainable sources. Guatemalan cardamom, Haitian vetiver and Brazilian tonic bean, the mis of these ingredients give you a spicy/woody/fresh scent.

The fragrance was created by Fabrice Pellegrin, who is possibly one of the most celebrated noses in the business, he has created Hermes and my favourite Diptyque.

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