Shiseido Synchro Skin

Shedeido have done it again. The power house of cosmetics based in Japan is forever at the forefront of technology when it comes to makeup. But this time I think they have broken the mould. Synchro Skins revolutionary formation will appear differently on every face, adapt to each skin tone and recognize skin conditions. It’s mission is to beautify your skin not cover it up. Actual music to my ears. In the age of Instagram MUA’s where skin is completely covered up with heavy dull makeup this is pure genius!

Shiseido Synchro Skin foundation PR visual


Synchro Skin has been designed by Dick Page, one of my makeup hero’s, who is the Artistic Director of Shiseido Makeup. The foundation has been designed to be ‘fluid’ on contact with skin, allowing you to use much less, but it covers much more evenly. It also gives it the ability to be ‘buildable’ and flawless: Build your desired coverage with additional layers. I found when testing it that it applies far better when using fingers, you just get the most beautiful finish.

Shiseido SynchroSkin Longlasting Makeup €48

Here’s the science bit Shiseido’s Advanced Sensing Technology brings out and maintains your healthiest-looking skin, with an immaculate finish.Micro-Fit Polymer repels oil (sebum) and water (sweat) and that Sebum Absorbing Powder absorbs them, so the smooth, ‘just-applied’ finish lasts for hours. Time Match Powder reflects the optimal amount of light for the amount of oil (sebum). With less oil (sebum), it increases clarity, for a spectacular reflection that creates more luster. With more oil (sebum), it becomes semi-transparent, and reflections are diffused.

Shiseido SynchroSkin Makeup €48

Now, the first time using it I didn’t shake the bottle well and was not that impressed with the texture, so be sure to shake really well to get the ingredients inside to blend together well and you will quickly fall in love. It’s rare that a foundation very quickly makes it into my kit, this one went straight in and I can’t wait to get more shades. There are 10 available. The bottle is 30ml and has a recommended retail price of €48.00, I know this seems steep but honestly you have to use so little of the the product it will last way longer than your other foundations.  Available in Harvey Nichols, Arnoes, Shaws & good pharmacies nationwide



  1. ahh this is such an amazing concept! i’ll be definitely trying this out soon 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. Great ! any hope of getting a few samples ? I have to comment on the ladies selling shoes do as I find extremely helpful and mannerly especially in shawls Limerick! We are In a time when we are quick to complain about products & people. So I have taken to complementing all that is good & nice… Love shisedo make me feel good about me …all the time X
    Can anyone tell me if it is still possible to get the bronzer that was available about 5-6 years ago it was fab!

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