Lancôme’s Grandiose Liner


This little beauty from Lancôme is magic. The top bends so you can get the liquid liner into the corner without having to be a contortionist. I have to say it took a couple of goes for me to like this liner, I don’t really like hard lines in makeup so a liquid liner is generally not my favourite thing. But sometimes a makeup artist has to do what he has to do, in saying that I always like to softly blend the liner and this liner does not I REPEAT DOES NOT blend when it has dried. So hence it took a few time for me to fall in love with it. But fall in love I did. It’s matte and really does last all day when applied. It’s really beautiful when you soften out the edges.

It is available now and comes in three colours. Carbon black, brown and sapphire (an almost royal blue navy colour). It costs €29.00 and is exclusive to Brown Thomas until the end of the month and then will be available nationwide.



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