Youngblood Anti-Shine Mattifier

I am historically not a fan of mineral makeup. When I test out makeup I always make sure to photograph it immediately after applying it and then maybe an hour or so after applying to see how it has settled on the skin. And generally I have found that mineral (powder form) does not settle great, it also oxidises more than liquid foundation, meaning that the colour changes after being applied. A lot of the time an undertone of green can be seen on camera, not necessarily by the naked eye but under the harsh eye of a good camera every flaw is visible. That for me is a deal breaker. If a makeup does not look good on camera I won’t use it, or recommend it you guys for that matter.

Youngblood Anti Shine Mattifier

Youngblood is the brainchild of former medical aesthetician Pauline Youngblood and with all labours of love she saw a gap in the market for products that were safe for her clients to use after having harsh laser treatments, acne, rosacea and cosmetic surgeries. And Pauline’s journey started, she worked with chemists to develop the range and now 20 years later that same foundation is the flagship product of the whole range. All Youngblood products are free from talc, parabens, oil and fragrance.

This new product is different. It can be used, if you like me have terribly oily skin, under your foundation as a sort of oil control primer. As the texture is not powdery it just sort of makes your skin silky and smooth, if you’re not a fan of foundation but use it to help with oil control this product will be your new favourite thing. You of course can use it on top of your foundation in place of a blotting powder.

YoungBlood Cosmetics are available in selected pharmacies in Ireland.


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