Tom Ford Private Blend

Anyone who has ever met or read anything I have written will know that I adore anything Tom Ford, well over at the Tom Ford fragrance labs they have been very busy! They are introducing brand new elements never before seen in a Tom Ford fragrance in the new collection.

The Les Extraits Verts collection has lots of green notes which were hugely popular in the 1970’s, but as always Tom Ford has interpreted them in a way that makes them thoroughly modern yet nostalgic all at the same time.


My favourite in the collection is Vert Bohème, this is of course because it is the one with the most floral notes including magnolia and Gustavia Superba, known as “the Tree of Heaven” which blossoms for one day of the year there’s also notes hyacinth, white honeysuckle, narcissus and violet leaf bloom. There are citrus notes of Sicilian mandarin, Italian lemon and Calabrese bergamot. The base of the fragrance has woody scents oakmoss along with vetiver and light roasted oakwood giving the final scent a beautifully citrus amber fragrance.


Vert D’Encens this one opens with a really fresh pine, lavender and basil scent with underlying notes of bergamot and lemon. Then the green notes come in with spicy cardamon and jasmine and Boxtree accord gives it its leather luxury feeling. This is my second favourite of the collection. It was inspired by the Corsican coast which is known as the Perfumed Isle because of all the beautiful fragrances that you find there. *note to self must get to Corsica soon.


The final fragrance in the collection is Vert des Bois. The is the woodiest of the three, and this one have an ingredient that has never been used before, I’d expect nothing less from Tom Ford, poplar bud extract, unopened buds that give an avant-garde edge to a traditional green fragrance note. There are some floral notes of jasmine to give it its white floral heart but there is a spicy woodiness of pepperwood and a dose of citrus and oakwood absolute, which is obtained by lightly toasting oak chips to amply its  woodiness.

All three fragrances are available in two sizes, 50ml with a RRP of €188.00 and the really extravagant 250ml with a RRP of €425.00. They will be available on August 29th from Brown Thomas.







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