I’m back!

I have been so busy for the past couple of months that I literally have not had time to write a thing. Work has been busy, which is wonderful and my Dad managed to fall again and this time ended up breaking his hip and is still in hospital. He has had a shockingly bad year, he fell at the start of the summer and broke his collar bone and when he was starting to finally get back on his feet he fell again. So when I was not working I have been in with him, and as always family comes first so writing had to take a back seat.

Work is quieter now so I have time to write and it perfect timing for y’all I will be doing my Christmas gift guide, this year there are loads of amazing things on offer for every budget so hopefully I will help you get the perfect gifts!!

Firstly I want to tell you about one of the gigs that I was working on that had me off the blog radar! I was working with Hot Air, a new blow-dry bar on Mespil road. I helped them with the setup. It is quite possibly one of the most beautiful salons in Dublin. The design is stunning, inspired by Scandinavian interiors but with a luxury feeling at the heart of it. The guys behind it are also responsible for bringing us Oslo Beauty, which is really the most beautiful beauty salon in Dublin city centre!  What I really love about the store is that it is for blowdries only, no cuts, no colour just mega blowdries. And best of all there is only one price €29.00, yep no matter what length hair you have you pay the same price, or if you want a curly blow dry. If you have extensions there is an extra charge or if you wanted your hair put up.

We did a shoot for the salon and for the shoot we used the best in the business! With Barry McCall taking the photos, Catherine Condell styling and Michael Leong on hair it was set to be amazing! The concept behind the shoot was that each look is inspired by a city. For instance the New York is sleek, sexy and modern while LA is glamorous and glossy. I created makeup looks to go with each look on the day. This makes it easy for you to pick a look for an occasion.

While choosing products for the salon I wanted us to have the best there is with brands that worked with each other as well as being fantastic on their own!! I choose to have Kevin Murphy, which is a hair care range that uses the same philosophy as skincare. The products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity. And best of all they are cruelty free and every single package is recyclable. I also choose Moroccan Oil, this brand is beautiful leaving hair glossy, healthier and smelling amazing!! We also have Nioxin which for anyone who has thinning hair this is the brand you need in your life! Their styling products are incredible, their mouse is one of the most popular styling products in the store! I also got Neom Organics which is the most beautiful lifestyle brand with candles that will have your home smelling incredible, they have a body polish which is the best I have ever used and literally makes you smell divine and have the softest skin you’ve ever had!!

All of the above brands have the best Christmas gifting ideas, pop in to Hot Air and check them out, they will be featured in my Christmas 2016 guide. Which will be going live tomorrow!!

So I am back and delighted to be!! Looking forward to sharing more of my musings with you all!!!


Leonard xxx


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