Christmas gift guide 2

Are you currently sick of Christmas and not bothered thinking anymore of what to get anyone for Christmas, I feel your pain. Every year I start great really considering what to get everyone, putting lots of thought into it and then around now I loose the will to care. Sure what’s the point in caring so much…….. Not really the Christmas spirit eh??? But I am going to try make it easier for you and also for me if at all possible!

I was in Brown Thomas on Sunday and in The Marvel Room they have a Moët & Chandon magic printer that you can put a photo on the label. It’s magic and the bottle was ready in three minutes. All you have to do is bluetooth an image from your phone and they print and label the bottle, genius!! Or there is a Photo Booth on-site if you want a fresh photo taken. And who doesn’t like champagne?? Even me who is a 99% teetotaller would have a glass of champagne for the Christmas.

In The Marvel Room there are many gifts that are increbibly beautiful, ranging in price from €20 all the way up to thousands and depending on your budget you will  for sure find something fancy to buy here. From embellished headbands from Dolce & Gabbana to colour in placemats they have a great selection. And really something for everyones budget (less for people on a tight one of course!!).



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