These are gas!!

below-the-belt-sports-lubricantThere’s a band new brand that’s just for fella’s available now is pharmacies. And it’s deadly!! It’s called below the belt and it cares for areas, eh hem, below the belt….. With products like Instant Clean Balls and Groin Cleanser you are sure to have a laugh when gifting these to the men in your life.

  • below-the-belt-dry-balls

But laughing aside these products are ‘handy’ for the men, the Fresh and Dry Balls gel is a lotion that leaves a silky fine layer on your groin area and keeps them dry. Perfect for all the low hangers in your life!! The Instant Clean Balls is perfect for date 5 or 6 when hopefully he will be getting lucky and you/he wants everything to be super fresh!

There is also a sports lubricant that is a must, I’ve been told, for every mans gym bag. Its smooth, non-drag formula prevents chafing when working up a sweat.


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