New Juicy Shaker shades

Juicy Shaker is the big sister of Juicy Tubes, an iconic lipgloss that everyone had in the 90’s. Know for their great taste and serious shine, if you opened anyones bag in 1996 you’d be sure to find one in there. Last year Lancôme launched Juicy Shaker, a more grown up version of Juicy Tubes but still have the great flavours that the original Juicy Tubes had, so if you have moved on from super glossy lips but want an ode to the 90’s in your bag these are perfect for you!

When you get the product you will notice that the product inside is separated, so you need to  shake shake shake. The reason for this is because of the bi-phase formula which pairs nourishing lip oils with great pigments that give you natural looking glossy lips. No more hair sticking to you lips while spinning around the dance floor.


These nourishing oils contain sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil. The cushion applicator feels soft to the touch, allowing the gloss to melt onto the lips. Like a sponge, the applicator absorbs just the right dose of pigment. The shape hugs the lips contours so you cannot go wrong.

They are launching six new shades this spring, developed with Lancôme’s creative director and all round makeup hero Lisa Eldridge. Here’s the list of new releases: 005 – Bees-Nees Girl (Honey Fragrance), 450 – Liquorisky (Liquorice Fragrance), 281 – Marshmattack (Marshmallow Fragrance), 010 – Snow-Tilly (Chantilly Fragrance), 303 – Cloudy Candy (Cotton Candy Fragrance), 401 – Apple Moi (Apple Fragrance), 343 – Top Gun (Gum Fragrance) and 411 – Banana Sleep (Banana Fragrance)

They are on counter now with a RRP of €22.00. Don’t forget to shake shake shake!!


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