Givenchy’s Teint Couture Balm

As you all know I think nothing is more beautiful than simple natural skin. The good people at Givenchy make this dream a reality with their Teint Couture Balm. Firstly this is a balm for the skin which glides onto your skin. It does not have any greasy oils inside and when you apply it it just glides on the skin leaving what is almost like a second layer of fabulous skin on show. Sounds great eh???

What else is great is that it contains ingredients that blur and create light on the skin, leaving you looking like you’re glowing  from the inside with super clear and even skin. And whats really amazing is that it does all of this without being too heavy, yes you read that right it’s sheer.

Of course there are loads of skincare ingredients in this tube of wonderment. The Givenchy laboratories have developed an original synergy of skincare ingredients to guarantee optimal comfort and skin protection.

– Moisture: Hydro magnets work to capture and keep water molecules in the heart of the epidermis to preserve its optimal moisture level.

– Protection: Vitamin E and a Jasmine Flower extract help offer the skin antioxidant defenses, protecting the skin from daily aggressors (pollution, UV), the main causes of premature aging. Skin is also safeguarded by sun filters that prevent photoaging.

And guess what else??? It lasts a whole 12 hours. The only downside about this is that it is only available in Debenhams, not bad for them but I wish it was everywhere as it is one of my favourite brands, their mascara’s are incredible. The Teint Couture Balm will set you back €41.00.


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