Tom Ford SS17

There’s a new shade and illuminate in town and they are amazing! I have been a mega fan of this particular product since makeup brand launched in 2011, In the year precious he launched the private label lip collection, which was a huge success, bigger than expected. The Shade & Illuminate product is perfect for contouring, if like me you like a natural finish to contouring, it should never look like you have done it, just look like you have those cheekbones. After about a year they launched it in a darker shade to satisfy demand. In previous collections they have launched a version of shade and illuminate but in colour but always in a powder finish, these were beautiful but didn’t give you the glossy dewy finish that I love.

Well this season they have brought out two new versions of Shade and Illuminate and I fecking love them! There are two colours available, my favourite is Scintillate which is the absolute perfect colour for Irish skin tones, it have a perfectly peach undertone that will kill any redness that you have in your skin. The other shade is called Sublimate and is perfect for darker skin tones which has a strong pink tone to it. They will say that you need to apply with a brush, but you don’t, fingers are best!!


Sticking with cheek colour there are lots to choose from, my personal favourite is Frantic Pink, which by the name sounds like it is going to be a crazy pink colour but it actually has a lot of warmth in the undertone so again great for our Irish skin colours.


All of the above are available now in Brown Thomas or online. The cheek colour has a RRP of €60 and the Shade & Illuminate of €68.



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