Coco Mademoiselle

I adore most things Chanel, but mostly I adore Coco Chanel the perfume, my friend Hazel has been wearing it forever and whenever someone has it on it reminds me of her. She has been know to give a spray to taxi men and anyone who she feels may need a bit of Chanel in their life.


I admit that Coco is a strong heady fragrance and not for everyone, if so Coco Mademoiselle is perfect for you. It’s lighter but yet still has a strong personality yet it is incredibly fresh. It opens with an orange not and quickly reveals its rose and jasmine, my favourite smell, and then settles into vetiver and patchouli.


They are launching a new limited-edition travel accessory to the Coco Mademoiselle line, the Eau de Perfum Purse Spray. It is of course presented in the most beautiful beige case, what else would we expect from Chanel. But not only is this a thing of beauty, it is the perfect size for travelling and will look very pretty in your bag!

The purse spray will cost you €85.00 but that includes the spray, case and three refills. The refills will not be available after this limited edition set is no longer available so get your skates on!




  1. Len, do you know if you can stock up on just refills? If you buy the lot once. Mam wears it all the time but she would kill me if the beauty of a bottle and case lasted nearly a year. After her becoming custom to being a little posh ! X

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