Teint Idole Ultra Wear

The original formula of this iconic foundation is one of my favourites, when I teach in Beauty Bootcamp I get most of the clients to try it out as it perfect for people who like a fuller coverage but you can build it from sheer coverage to a more full coverage. But the best thing about it is that it comes in a massive 40 shades, thats way more than most foundations. Thank you Lancôme it’s rare that a beauty house actually goes to that much trouble when producing foundations. Some even have the shades available in other countries but not here, like WTF!

The new and improved version of the foundation leaves your skin looking radiant yet with a velvety finish, it blends beautifully and will not streak or cake in your pores. It is ultra concentrated so please start off with just one pump and see if that will be enough, you can also add more if needed but harder to take too much away. As always I rather apply it with my fingers, not rubbing it in patting it in with the pad of your fingers, gives you the perfect finish.


To celebrate the re-launch Lancôme have found inspiring women to represent each shade and there is one Irish girl in there! Cathy O’Neill has been playing violin since a very easy age, at age 5 she played for he Finnish Ambassador to Ireland and Finnish dignitaries visiting Ireland. She was one of the youngest violinist to be selected to play with the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland, Cathy has represented Ireland and played for Country Leaders and public representatives in China, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Norway.

At Lancôme, they believe there’s never been a better time to be a woman. You can be an Olympic athlete, a neuroscientist, a DJ, a movie director…. And whatever you decide to achieve, your make-up should have you covered. You can find the list of inspiring women here.



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