Les Beiges

Les Beiges from Chanel was launched a few years ago and it just keeps getting better and better. It all started with the now iconic healthy glow makeup, which has an SPF of 15 but most importantly it protects you against all forms of UV rays, although 15 is not quite high enough, there is SPF 25 in the liquid foundation which is perfect!


Launching next month are three new products in the range, which look like they are going to be beautiful. The whole premise of Les Beige is natural makeup that comforts the skin while keeping it healthy and with a beautiful sheer glow.

The three new products launching are Touche de teint belle mine, a gel to the touch foundation that glides onto the skin leaving it perfectly covered with a soft glow finish, Palette regard belle mine naturelle a perfect for any occasion eyeshadow palette that will work perfectly in your makeup kit and finally Stick belle mine naturelle a colour stick with the most perfectly nude shades that are designed for blush but that I think will make the most perfect eye shadow, just add a touch to where your pupil would be if your eye was open blend in with your finger and add lashings of mascara and you will look like you have spend hours doing your makeup but in real life will have taken seconds. They are also launching a retractable foundation brush, but y’all know how I feel about foundation brushes.


The foundation is launching in nine shades from N°10 to N°91 so there is a good mix of colours there.The RRP of the foundation will be €55.00. The colour stick is launching in two colours, Pink N°23  and my favourite Coral N°24 and they come with a RRP of €41.00. Finally the eye shadow palette will have a RRP of €55.00. They are launching on April 28th on all Chanel counters.




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