There is something wonderful going on in Debenhams on Henry Street. Their beauty hall has just become one of the hottest places to shop for makeup in Dublin. With exclusive brands, and some of them are just impeccable available it is definitely worth a visit.


Firstly they now have a Makeup Forever counter that is huge and carries all of their top products, if you are looking for the brands pro-products you can still get them on Clarendon Street. But if you are looking for their regular makeup do check out the new stand. Makeup Forever was founded in Paris over 25 years ago and first and foremost it was designed for makeup artists, so expect the best possible products here. Always at the forefront of makeup trends, setting them a lot the times this brand has been a favourite of mine forever. Swatching and testing their products on counter is magical and the staff really love to have a play with you and almost encourage you to hang out and play, a rarity in the busy busy world of the makeup counter. I took rather a shine to a wonderful young makeup artist called Nathan who works on Henry Street, he was so excited about some of their new launches.


Some of their new launches are incredible, I already wrote about Acrylip here last month but they are available now, and they are delicious. They have brought out a brow gel that is perfect for groomed brows that do not look like lego brows, comes in clear for us dark haired people who do not need any colour but also comes tinted. Remember to always buy the shade one shade lighter than your natural brows as if you go the same or darker they will look too much and too done, and you really never want that! Another new launch is the Ultra HD Powder, for makeup artists this is a gem!! When HD first launched many of us were unprepared for the amount of detail that these new cameras could catch. On my first HD job the photographer called me to the screen to show me my fingerprint on the models face, scary shit right there. So the products that we had been using became too much for the new way of shooting and we had to adapt how we used them mostly and what products we used. If you know my work you know that I like to use the minimal amount of products so for other makeup artists who like to use a lot I am sure this was terrifying!! When HD Powder first launched we saw many many mistakes from people using it wrong, this kind of product has to be used right or you look like a crazy person with too much powder, remember that unfortunate time Nicole Kidman looking like she had plonked her face in talc?? That was because in real like she looked amazing but with all the flashes on a red carpet the powder was doing its job and reflecting them, before HD we could use lots of powder. The new Ultra HD powder is even better, it more finely milled so you get a really wonderful finish. But be warned, these powders are not to be overused, never and I really mean never ‘bake’ with them of you will look like you have been practicing Al Pachino’s scene in scarface. I don’t think you should be baking anyway unless you’re a drag queen.

And this week the international cult brand Kat Von D is launching exclusively to Debenhams. I have been a fan of her’s since she was on Miami Ink many moons ago, actually always wanted to get her to tattoo me. She launched her makeup line exclusive to Sephora in 2008 and it really has become a major player in makeup worldwide. With some really cool textures and colours it is a favourite with makeup artists worldwide. One of the best things about the brand is that it is vegan, meaning nothing is tested on animal and never will be. There was a press event during which her team and her were at and I couldn’t make it in, I was so annoyed that I didn’t get to meet her, I really find her fascinating and would have loved to have a chat with her. And by the looks f everyones social media she did not disappoint on the niceness. Ciara Allen, an incredible Irish makeup artist, had some really funny selfies with her. She genuinely looked like she lovely, really proper raging I missed her!! Best of all Kat Von D makeup is affordable with proper luxe textures and finishes.

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