New from Liz Earle

Arriving this month is the brand spanking new lip treatment in the Superskin range from Liz Earle. Superlip Balm has some mighty ingredients to help hydrate, smooth and plump your lips this launch is perfect for worn out lips after a long winter. The ingredients really sound like something you would find in Hogwarts. Dragon’s blood extract, which is derived from the resin of the dragon’s blood tree, which of course is sustainably sourced in Peru. Alaria esculenta extract, a sea kelp which we all know has incredible healing properties and it is rich in essential fatty acids. This is sourced in Brittany. Pomegranate seed oil, this magical oil which is wonderful for softening skin is sourced from from Turkey.


The best thing about this balm is that it dries semi-matte. I do find that a lot of lip balms make me look like I have been applying buckets of lipgloss, which is not a great look on a bloke, so I think you will find this balm in my pockets/bag/kit/car at all times this summer.


I always buy my Liz Earle from Wilde & Green in Milltown, they were the first to have Liz Earle here in Ireland and it is a small independent fully Irish owned company so it is good to support them! The Superlip Balm has an RRP of €19 and is available this month.


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