Essie goes retro once more. Essie nail polish is one of the best on the market for cool shades and many many of them. They have been around almost four decades and it goes from strength to strength.

But when a brand becomes this big sometimes they loose what made them special in the first place, determined for this not to happen the brand has re-released some of their first ever colours again, and let me tell you they are as fabulous now as they were in 1981 when the brand was launched by Essie Weingarten a New Yorker who started the business with her life savings of $10,000, she for sure made a good return on that investment.

This is the second time the brand has gone retro and the first time it was a huge success so of course they did it again. The packaging is great and you can tell these beauties apart for the main collection by the gold star-emblazoned cap. A design of the hotel in Las Vegas where the brand was launched 1981.


There are six shades in the collection and they are all timeless. Pure Chiffon is a pearlescent cream, Sweet Tart is a shimmery mocha colour, think mushroom with a glittery shine, Flawless the perfect cherry blossom pink, Prima Bella a shimmery pale pink and finally my favourite Bold Beauty a really deep red which still looks modern and glamorous. It is kind of amazing that 36 years later and this colour is still in vogue. It goes to show sometimes when something is right it just right and time will not forget it!

Available now with an RRP of €9.99 each, they are limited edition so if any of them take your fancy get them quick!




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