I finally had a facial

As a makeup artist I truly believe that in order to get a great looking makeup you have to look after your skin. This does not necessarily involve spending huge amounts of money but you do have to invest time. This is what I have been telling my clients since I started doing makeup. Yet I realised recently that I hadn’t been been for a facial since 2009, 8 years!!! What is wrong with me, life just gets in the way sometimes and pre 2009 I had a business that did facials so when I wasn’t busy and Lorna or Lynn were free I would pop down and have a quick facial. Now I do take good care of my skin, I use my Clarisonic twice a day, use lots of lotions & potions and always wear an SPF. But even though I was doing all of this I was treating my skin the same for all this time. When I was younger I had terribly oily skin so I assumed that I still have oily skin…….

I am turning 40 next week, typing that I had just a smidgen of sick in my mouth, and it is true what everyone says. Your skin does change as you get older. Apart from all the new wrinkles laughter lines which are a true delight, everything else is changing too. I like to think that I really try to have as much knowledge as possible for my clients and I really do do a lot of research into skin types and conditions but unfortunately I hadn’t applied any of my knowledge to myself while looking in the mirror.

I was invited to try out a Decléor facial in the all male grooming salon Stephen Thomas on Dame Street and I jumped at the chance as it had been 8 years since my last one, I do feel like I am in confession and I am going to have ALL the Hail Mary’s to say when I am finished. So off I went to the salon with the knowledge that my skin was in good nick and that Stephen wouldn’t really have that much to do………… Well that didn’t go as planned.

Stephens salon is slap bang in the centre of town, it is perfectly warm and he really knows what he is talking about. He set up the business over a decade ago and was the very first all male salon in  the city, he was before his time. He offers all types of beauty treatments from facials, massage and of course waxing. Apparently the back, sack and crack is still popular, i can’t imagine the pain. Stephen had a very in-depth  consolation with me about my skin and my at home routine. I really loved how he didnt just chat to me about my skin he touched it to see the actual feeling of it. I had great confidence in him before he even started the treatment.

He uses Decléor, a french brand that was founded in 1974 by Solange Dessimoulie a beauty therapist and is still the brands ambassador. He mission was for every client “to feel good in your body and soul, to feel good in your own skin.” Since it was founded the brand has not changed their mantra but have expanded to Skin – Body & mind. Decléor uses the power of plants to combat skin conditions. They believe that nature is the best antidote there is to the challenges of urban life. Using powerful essential oils to treat skin issues and also help sooth and calm the mind.

I have always believed that science is the way forward with skin care, by that I mean that I really believed that you get the best results possible from skincare ranges that heavily rely on scientific research, jam packed with AHA’s and all other types of fancy sounding things and that natural skincare systems like Decléor were for people who had sensitive skin. I really didn’t think you would get the same results never mind seeing a dramatic improvement. Well bravo Decléor I am a convert!

Back to the treatment, I had the Ultimate Vitamin Glow facial which starts with a back massage then Stephen double cleansed my skin, exfoliated it with this magic cream exfoliator that you leave to dry into the skin and then you rub it off taking the top layer of dead skin along with it. Then your are moisturised up to the hilt and  then the mask was applied, which covers the whole face, I am normally very claustrophobic but this did not bother me in any way, I think because the room where you have the facial is so generous you couldn’t feel trapped. While the mask is doing its job I had an arm and hand massage. After the mask is removed with hot towels and you’re skin is toned Stephen then does extractions, the best part of a facial for me, I love it (weird I know). Finally more moisture and eye cream are applied and youre all set. The treatment lasted just over an hour, if you are not the talkative type, I ask all the questions, it may just take an hour…. Sorry Stephen if I delayed for the rest of the day!!

Unfortunately Stephen Thomas is an all male salon, so most of my readers won’t be able to get him to do their facial and for this I am truly sorry as this man knows skin but you can buy a treatment for your fellas!! Best of all the treatment is not going to break the bank coming in at €65.00.

I have been using the products for the past month, the ones that Stephen recommended for me were for dry sensitive de-hydrated skin, remember how I said my skin was oily…… And the difference that I have seen and felt is amazing, my skin feels softer and smoother. I adore the scent of all the products particularly the Marjolaine Serum which has my favourite Neroli in it. The list of the products that I have been using along with their RRP is below. Now I have found in the last week that my skin looks oily by the end of the day. So I am hoping that my skin is changing back to something like it was before. I will have to have another facial soon and get Stephen to check it out.

Aroma Cleanse Face Wash (RRP €33.00) – Daily Use

Phytopeel (Exfoliant) (RRP €39.00) – Weekly / Twice Weekly Use

Marjolaine Serum (RRP €60.00)  – 2 Drops Daily

Hydra  Floral Light Moisturiser (RRP €54.50) – Small Amount Daily straight after serum

Rose D’Orient Night Balm ( RRP €48.50) – Nightly use



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