Hygge in the sitting room

Now that you know what Hygge is I am going to tell what we have done in the house to make it more “Hygge”. As you know we have the two dogs and first and foremost I do not want the house to smell like them, which can be a challenge during the colder months when the two of them just want to get all Hygge on the sofa!

I have always been a fan of scented candles and have been using them for many years but before Hygge I didn’t light them at any particular time, now I light them about 20 mins before we settle into the evenings TV shows or film. It really brings an atmosphere to the sitting room.

We NEVER use over head lighting, always lamps and never anything brighter than 30 watts, you wouldn’t be able to sew in the light but it is so much more comfortable and relaxing. On the sofa I have some throws that I bought in TK Maxx from the Cynthia Rowley home collection, they are soft and snugly and perfect if you want a cosy night on the sofa, I am generally too hot so it is rare that I use one but they are there for guests and Glenn, I try not to let Peggy and Desmond use them as they would be full of hair. But what I really want is an dark grey aran throw, I saw one on a job with Irelands Eye that has my name written all over it! Worn like Abby above, possibly without Dublin in the background. I also use reed diffuser’s, I have been using a Jo Malone one but to be honest  it is not filling the room with the scent, Lime Basil and Mandarin, and for the price of it I expected a lot more. Diptyque are bringing out a new one next month that promises to be amazing so I will be getting that. I also use a room spray in in the day time to freshen up the room, again I am using Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil and Mandarin which I adore but again the scent does not last for as long as I’d like I may have to investigate other brands but would they smell as nice……….


My sitting room is painted a really dark grey, with a dark grey sofa and grey carpet and most of the furniture is grey apart from a huge antique roll top desk and a white sideboard to hide the dvd player etc. Because it is so dark it is already Hygge but adding the throws and nice candle light glow it makes it so comfy. But I do love colour so I have a neon pink chair at my desk and the artwork that I have hanging is bright and crazy, I have two Helen Steele pieces in the sitting room. Helen is my favourite artist, I adore her and her work. She now creates wearable art, sounds dick-headed but when you see her clothes you will see what I mean, they are literally prints that Helen has painted and manipulated  them to be suitable as prints for dresses. They are really beautiful, the spring/summer collection is now available in Costume in Dublin city centre. I also love a bit of taxidermy but couldn’t have an actual real dead animal in the house, so I have some steel deer heads on the wall. I always thought I was into minimalism, writing this and looking around my sitting room I see that no, this is not minimalism this is far from it! But I love it!!




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