Dry Lips??? No more


Since I started doing makeup I have always been on the lookout for the perfect lip hydrator. When working I always have Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream in my kit, I rather the fragrance free one as the original has a string taste, not horrible but strong. I don’t think I will ever not love it. It works great on lips but also if a model has a very dry patch of skin I apply it to that in in 10 mins it has magically disappeared, it is a short term fix but works every time! It costs about €34 but they always have great offers in the duty free.

For my own lips I am loving Liz Earle’s brand new lip hydrator which I wrote about here and I always have a Creme de la Mer lip treatment in the car, it tastes of after eights and is a wonderful feeling lip balm. It is expensive coming in at €60, but a little goes a long way and I am terribly mean with it!!


These Lip Comfort Oil’s from Clarins are divine! I only wish that they were not as shiny so I could wear them!! I gave my Hazel the red one when it came out and she loves it and has re-purchased it a few times, that’s the real test if you would re-purchase something. They really hydrate your lips, like I mean they really do. They are launching 4 new shades to the existing 3.  #04 Candy, #05 Tangerine, #06 Mint, #07 Honey Glam. Although they are tinted the colour pay off is minimal so it is just a hint of colour. So you won’t end up with green lips if you use the mint one, but your teeth will look whiter! Available at all Clarins  stockists nationwide from beginning of May with a RRP €21.


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