Clinique’s BIY pigment drops

These landed on shelves this month, I am a bit behind on my blogging as I ended up in hospital and was recovering for a while. But these Blend It Yourself pigment drops are kind of magic. You add a drop of the pigment to your moisturiser of choice and it becomes your foundation. One drop for a light coverage, and by one drop I really mean one drop, two drops for medium coverage and three for a fuller coverage. I use a hazel nut sized dollop of moisturiser to one drop.

I like a sheer coverage foundation and this really is the perfect amount of cover and really perfect for dehydrated skin as the main ingredient that you’re using as your foundation is your moisturiser. Genius!!! I have tried drops before from other brand but none of them compare to this.

If you have difficult skin that foundation does not want to last on I have tried mixing it with a primer. I tried it with both an illuminating primer and a matte version, it worked better with the illuminating one but with more practice I think you could make it work with any primer.

Another reason I love these is because of their size, the bottle is small and don’t have any weight to them so perfect for my kit, which gets heavier by the day.

They are available now on all Clinique counters and the RRP is €34 and it comes in 12 shades and there is a limited edition bronze version just for summer!!




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