I am proper in love with these new products from CHANEL. The colours are so rich and the texture of the cream shadow are sublime. When I do makeup I 90% of the time use cream shadows, I love how they blend, I love how they feel on the eye and what I love most is that you can apply them with your fingers. It makes doing your makeup super easy, like proper makeup for dummies. Up until now I found it difficult to get cool colours in textures that I like. There are lots of brands that make them but very few have the textures that I like to work with. So of course when I saw the range of colours that Chanel have launched there may have been a slight squeal of excitement.

The cream shadows can be layered with powder shadows to make them even richer. The creative director of Chanel makeup Lucia Pica is really spoiling us with her new launches. And best of is she is making it easier for everyone to do their makeup.  The cream shadows are long wearing and come in 8 shades all of which are wearable yet cool. The long wear powder shadow comes in a massive 16 shades ad here is where you will find the coolest colours and as always the packaging will look real pretty in your makeup bag!!


Check out the video here


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