CHANEL Fall/Winter Collection

There is something really magical happening in the labs at Chanel since the new Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica arrived. This new collection looks all kinds of beautiful with some really clever products that will replace three products in your makeup bag, I do love a product that eliminates the need to carry more products. When your job is being a makeup artist and you have to carry two suitcases around with you it can get very heavy!

What got me most about this collection is that Lucia went on a road trip through California and was inspired along the way. You can really see her vision come to life with the collection when you see the products alongside her mood-board. There is something really beautiful and super exciting to see another makeup artist actually getting to have their vision, actually their vision and not the brands, come to life. I think by letting this creative vision come to life real magic has happened. As a consumer I can see her vision I can almost smell the sea and yes I want to be part of it. And there is not one product that is a bit wacky or out there. Every piece of this collection is wearable and more than that it is all beautiful.


“The PALETTE ESSENTIELLE is my interpretation of a modern woman’s approach to make-up. Makeup should not be covering like a mask, it should be worn lightly on the skin.” Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica. This is actual music to my ears, more and more brands are bringing out products that completely mask peoples skin, giving them a complexion that no longer looks natural but is perfectly covered, with not an ounce of their natural beauty showing through. This palette is perfect with a concealer to hide any blemishes a blush to give you a youthful flush to your skin and then a really subtle highlighter to give your skin a beautiful glow. The blusher can also be applied with your fingers to lips to give a soft modern stain.


I still think that Chanel make one of the best lipsticks on the planet. Their textures are always perfect. The velvet finish is never drying to your lips but always look matte. The sheer Rouge Coco has the perfect amount of colour that you still get a colour pop but with a beautifully sheer effect so even if you’re afraid of strong colour these are perfect for you. This collection has everything from subtle nudes to strong reds, my favourite is the wonderful coral colour that has been inspired by the sunrise.

I really do love Chanel’s cream shadows, they were one of the first brands to really make cream shadows in wonderful textures and finishes. The new shades for this collection are super wearable yet not in any way the same as before. They come with a perfectly formed brush but I rather use my fingers for a perfectly soft application that requires little to no effort, yet still looks beautifully done.



As always Chanel manage to make THE colour of the season and I think thats is exactly what they have done with this! This will be a very quick sell-out ladies!

This collection is launching on August 4th, be sure to get to your local Chanel counter to get your favourites as I think many will sell out fast.





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