Is it time to delete Facebook??

I am very seriously considering deleting my Facebook account. I have deleted the app from my phone, and don’t really check it often. My concerns would be work related, I have a work Facebook page that really doesn’t do that much for me but I can see that people do look at the images and possibly call/mail me after doing that.

I would rather talk to my friends on the phone or better still see them in real life and proper catch up. Facebook caused a falling out with one of my closest friends as I was not engaging enough with her posts, not liking the images of her children, whom I adore, etc. I do not have the time or the will to be scrolling through Facebook looking at stuff that people put up. I have over 1,000 friends, all of whom are lovely but I wouldn’t want to share anything personal with.

I am an intensely private person, and the idea of personal things on Facebook makes me feel sick. When my Nanny died a few years ago I got my best friend Hazel to be on ‘Angel Watch’, meaning I gave her my passwords and told her to delete anything anyone was putting on my (personal) page about it. I hate the fake sympathy, I hate people looking for likes when they should be with family/friends dealing with whatever tragedy they are going through. I found out that my aunt was dead when her granddaughter put a photo up on her Facebook saying RIP Nanny, this was before any family had been called, I was so annoyed, it still annoys me to be honest.

Now, I am fully aware that I am not of the generation when your online persona is actually part of who you are. I grew up without a smartphone or internet access, so it is not where I go when I want to share personal things, I want to call my husband and cry or my best friend and have a proper belly laugh, I just don’t get those emotions from 87 likes on Facebook.

I do get the irony that I am actually writing all of this hate about Facebook and that my blog will share this post on my Facebook page which I hope people will ‘like’. But today I don’t think I want the likes from Facebook I want to be just be in the moment with social media.

I think Instagram is more a snapshot of what is happening right now in your life. Snapchat is the one that beat me and turned me into my mother, so don’t bother to follow me there. But Instagram for me is perfect, it’s visual you rarely have to actually read the captions. I was working with a marketing professional a while back who told me that my Instagram was not doing my brand any favours, as it was full of my dogs and my garden with the odd bit of makeup thrown in, so I went on a mission to fill my Instagram with work images and tagged them right to gain followers which worked but it started to feel more like a job than a joy, so I stopped doing that and now I do share my work but  Peggy and Desmond are still the main attraction. And if I have grown a splendid flower in Gay Gardens I will share that too. My Instagram is about me and who I am not what I do. I am not an influencer, I do not make any money from my social media, part of that is because I would have to make it more about work and less about the dogs……… I very rarely put up a photo of me and when I do it generally is taking the piss out of myself.

I am rambling trying to make a decision on weather to delete my Facebook, which I suppose tells me I have not decided to as yet. But I really think I will….. maybe. So if we are friends on Facebook and you can’t find me for something please text/call me or better still lets meet for a coffee and see each other in real life.

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