Spa of the World™ range from The Body Shop


The Body Shop has forever been a firm favourite in my house, my Nanny loved white musk and whenever I smell it it immediately transports me happy memories. It’s amazing what scent does for your brain. There was a time in school when everyone wore Dewberry, which in hindsight I am sure all of the teachers were delighted with, imagine twenty odd teenagers putting far too much fragrance on, shivers.

In recent times the body shop has been getting far more sophisticated with its skincare, it is less about scent now and more about results. Scent is never a bad thing but if I can get results along with a good fragrance I’ll take that! The Spa of the World range is kind of amazing. Bringing you luxury spa treatment from all around the world into your bathroom and at a fraction of the cost!


These new firming products have been infused with fruit blended into refining textures and invigorating fragrances. The products are designed to invigorate your skin and senses.


The Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream is enriched with caffeine which is renowned for its refining, firming and toning properties. In proper Body Shop style the green coffee bean from the Kaffa region is organic and of course fair trade. It melts into your skin when massaged leaving it with a satiny-smooth finish.


Grape seeds are prized for their high polyphenol, an ingredient that helps exfoliate and acts as a powerful antioxidant that will promote firmer skin. The grape seed powder is from France and the other mega ingredient is sugar from Paraguay. When sugar is massaged into skin it stimulates your bloods circulation and can even help even out your skin tone.


The Thai Makrut Lime Firming Oil has the zingy makrut lime infused to give your senses the perfect wakeup call. The Makrut lime is praised by Thai women for it stimulating and uplifting scent but it also helps firm up your skin and it is quickly absorbed into your skin so you will not be left with oily skin.
All three of these products are available this week in all Body Shop locations.
Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream Firming body cream (350ml RRP €39.00)

​​French Grape Seed Scrub Refining Body Scrub (350ml RRP €34.00)

Thai Makrut Lime Body Oil​ Firming & Toning Body Oil (170ml RRP €23.95)


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