Estée Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair eye serum

I genuinely love Advanced Night Repair, I use it all the time on myself and on my clients and I have been known to add it to foundation to give your foundation a beautiful glow and add extra vitamins to your skin.


When Estée Lauder use the words ‘ground breaking’ in a press release you pay attention, it is rare for one of the biggest cosmetic houses on the planet use words that strong when talking about a new product. So heres the deets: every day you eyes experience over 10,000 natural micro-movements just by blinking alone. Movement causes the skin to become loose which in turn creates fine lines. Estée Lauder are the first to tackle this unavoidable cause of lines. Enter Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix, who they managed to fit that on the tiny bottle is genius!! Basically it’s a a multi-repair skin strengthening and ultra-nourishing formula with the innovative 360° Matrix Technology® which creates a plumping support against the effects of micro-movements. There is another new mega ingredient that has multiple patents pending called ChronoluxCB® which will help dramatically reduce the look of all key signs of aging. That’s some strong promises there, I can’t wait to try this eye cream. Unlike the face serum you use this both morning and evening to get best results. You apply it with the custom designed massage applicator which will leave your eyes feeling refreshed and hopefully more youthful!

The RRP is €58 and it will be on counter September 1st, I will be in the queue for one with you!!!



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