Urban Decay is heating up!

You know the age old story, new cool makeup brand makes huge waves in the cosmetic industry. Everyone is talking about it, more importantly everyone is buying it. Then the bigger companies take an interest and buy them, leaving the creators of the brand extraordinarily rich, Francois Nars actually bought an Island when he sold his company, and a lot of the time they remain as the creative directors of their brand. Unfortunately sometimes brands loose their uniqueness when they go into the big companies, they get lost among the big heavy hitters in the industry. This is nowhere near the case when it comes to Urban Decay, in fact this brand has improved hugely since it was taken over. They products are now so much more usable, they blend perfectly, before they were desperate to blend. But more importantly their new products are kind of spectacular with new innovations that really make this brand one to watch.


They recently launched a loose powder called Velverizer which you add a 20c coin sized amount to your liquid foundation and it turns it instantly into a matte velvet feel foundation, I have also used it as a setting powder and it is divine when buffed into the skin. It was exclusive to their stand alone store on Grafton Street and online, I am not sure if it is on all counters now or not. The packaging is fab with a velvet layer.


Adding to the phenomenon that is The Naked Palette recently Naked Heat is actually the perfect blend of warm shadows. Ranging from a warm nude to an actual red tone this palette is perfect. I adore warm tones on eyes, it always makes eyes stand out, look bright  and basically slay! Now I am not one for the Instagram makeup look, I am old and old fashioned and rather makeup that makes a woman look like the best version of herself not make her look like she is going out out with a group of drag queens. But by adding a touch of warmth to your eye makeup you can make the biggest difference to how you look. You will look less tired and more modern. The Naked Heat Palette sold out in a matter of hours when it was launched first but it is back in stock now and ready for you enjoy and experiment with. Don’t be afraid of the colours I promise you will love them!!

I also love their 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil’s. They come in a massive 43 shades. I always warm them up on my hand before using them on the eyelid, just to avoid any dragging of the skin. And if you’re going to blend them do it right away before they dry as then there is no budging them, they literally stay all day/night. Perfect for a night on the tiles, one less thing to worry about.

If you haven’t been to their stand alone store on Grafton Street yet, do try and go in and have a look. It’s beautiful with thousands of products to have a play with. They even have a room upstairs that you can book in to have a group of peoples makeup done and if there is enough of you you will have it to yourself, perfect for a girls night out. And best of all there is no charge for having your makeup done, well there is a charge but it is fully redeemable against products so it is basically free!


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