2017 has been a tribute year to the founder and genius that is Gabrielle Chanel. With a new bag and coming Friday is the new fragrance Gabrielle. The first new fragrance from the house in over a decade, and the first full fragrance from the new

in-house master perfumer Olivier Polges. Olivier took over from his father Jacque Polges in 2013 and although he has worked on some of the houses re-imagined fragrances like Chanel Eau Tendre and last year’s bestselling No.5 L’Eau this is his first full new fragrance.

Of course the video for Gabrielle is beautiful, staring Kirsten Stewart escaping a cocoon, of beautifully flowing  fabric which looks like silk, and running to free herself of the confines of life, that is how I see it, finally bursting into light. There is something so beautiful about Kirsten Stewart, gone is the awkward vampire loving teen and a wonderfully talented actor who has made some incredible films in the past few years is in front of us. With really bold choices of roles played and the superb quietness of her acting is really something to witness. I could watch her read the telephone book, do they still exist?? You can watch the video here.

HyperFocal: 0“We deliberately took the opposite line from storytelling,” explains Thomas du Pré de Saint-Maur, Head of Global Creative Resources for CHANEL Fragrance & Beauty and Fine Watches & Jewelry. “We wanted to highlight an emotion that could be grasped in mere seconds, to tell a sensation as opposed to a story. Referring to a specific person, and even more so to Gabrielle Chanel, is new for CHANEL. Instead of retracing her life, we chose to put the spotlight on her free and rebel-at-heart personality. In my view, this quality is more difficult to find and yet all the more necessary today. Being yourself and remaining true to yourself are qualities that Gabrielle Chanel passed on to us, and this universal message—as relevant as ever—is what we wish to send to women. With Kristen Stewart and this film that breaks away from a narrative to retain only its spirit, we want to touch all women, but also each individual woman, simultaneously. No one will experience it in the same way; it depends on one’s perceptions, lived experiences, personality and emotions. With this film, we are going to reach out to each woman through all of womankind.”

HyperFocal: 0

The packaging, as always with Chanel, is wonderful. With the bottle having a nod to the original No.5 bottle but the glass is far lighter in texture, allowing the fragrance to be seen and almost touched through the glass. It also comes in a case that has the imprint of the bottle so it will always stay safe in its envelope. There are elements of the bottle that has been inspired by vintage Haute Couture fabrics that have been preserved by the Chanel Heritage Department.

Now for the the scent, what we really care about, it is a floral fragrance, first Oliver Polge selected yang-ylang, jasmine, orange blossom and a touch of my favourite smell ever tuberose. But he really played with the scents of these flowers by using white musk to make the ylang-ylang more velvety and he intensified  the scent of the jasmine and then accentuated the creaminess of the tuberose with milky sandalwood and to boost the freshness of the orange blossom he added mandarin peel, zest of grapefruit and just a hint of blackcurrant. All of this adds up to a beautiful floral explosion that will keep its scent for the day.

It is available this Friday with a retail price of €97.00 for 50ml and €137 for 100ml.


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