Giorgio Armani Lipstick


In a world of matte lipsticks Giorgio Armani have launched, possibly my favourite lipstick launch this year, Ecstasy Shine. These delicious high-shine lipsticks will have your lips looking healthy and happy in just one application. It is a multi-purpose lipstick, moisturises like a lip balm, colours like a lipstick and shines like a gloss, a healthy gloss not a hair-sticking to gloss. It has been formulated to give mirror sheen, feels almost like how a liquid feels but with the ease of a lipstick application, way easier!!


Your skin on your lips is almost twice as thin as the skin on your face, meaning that they are twice as likely to dry out, get cracked basically turn into sandpaper if you don’t look after them. I always have a good lip hydrator on hand, I think I have two in the car and you’d be sure to find one in most of my jackets. These beauties make having beautifully moist lips easier and eliminates the need for a separate hydrator. When you first apply the product it immediately melts and liquefies, giving you perfect healthy sheeny lips. This trend of matte matte lips is killing me, there is nothing as unattractive as matte almost dead looking lips, we all need a little moisture on our lips to look healthy and sexy. If you’re a lover of the matte lip even try adding some of this, or even a gloss, in the centre of your lip, makes them look healthier and also makes the look bigger, top tip there!


Ecstacy Shine is available in 18 shades and of course the iconic red 400 is available, if you have not tried the Giorgio Armani 400 you’re missing out! It is the perfect red for everyone, I have never put it n someone and taken it off, it amazingly suits all skin tones and makes teeth look whiter. But there are also a good range of nudes, orange reds and a trio of plums, which is the shade of the season.

They are available now on all Armani beauty counters and cost €33.00.

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