Clarins Autumn Collection

Clarins in the past couple of years are totally killing it. They have launched some major new products. This season they are not disappointing us. With some super easy to use eye liner and some cream shadows to die for!

First up is the new lippy’s these rich high moisture content but also with an incredible amount of pigment, perfect for lips that may be feeling the transition from summer and drying out lots with your heating on again. They are satin finish so not matte, I am so over matte finish lipstick.

I adore a cream shadow, I love how easy they are to apply, just use your finger tips to apply and blend, couldn’t be easier. These little gems are particularly good craic as they dry to a powder finish, so if a cream shadow scares the bejesus out of you these dry like a powder. They have added these two colours permanently to the range. Deep blue/Navy eyeshadow seems to be a trend at the moment, it really looks amazing with deeper eye colours, brown eyes especially I would avoid the midnight blue if you have blue eyes. The ivory shade is an eggshell white colour a perfect base shade.
The shadows are enriched with mineral pigments that are so easy to blend you can even use a damp brush/applicator to apply them in a more solid finish, you can even do a more blurred liner with them if you a hard-line does not suit you.

Graphik Ink Liner is the real star of the new products. A liner with what feels like a felt tip pen, so fecking easy to use, depending on which side/way you hold it the line can be super thin or more robust. It is as easy as painting by numbers!! The shade is called Carbon Black and is the blackest of blacks. Best of all although it is long wearing it is easy to remove, not a hint of red-eye from scrubbing. This is genius!!!

There are two new permanent shades in the Lip Contour expertise line. Roseberry for me is the perfect nude shade. Pink with the perfect amount of brown that just makes it look like natural lips, perfect for those of us who need that little extra help making our lips look full and youthful. And is the perfect match for two of the new lipsticks, Litchi and Guava. And they have also included a fantastic red which is just called Red.


Although this is classified as a pink there is lots of gold in it so please do not be afraid of it. It is the perfect shade for Irish skin, adding a healthy glow and the gold with deal with any redness issues you have with your skin.



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